Business Risk Management

Just like life, every business is exposed to risks and uncertainties too.

Now, have you noticed a lot of businesses are supposed to be surviving forever? 

However, a lot of businesses die when the key person is missing. It’s because, it’s the PEOPLE who help to get a business out of the challenges and risks.

Keyman Protection

Business owners or key profit employees will either affect the relationship, talent or productivity of the company. 

These are the people who will affect a business from staying afloat or shutting down.

We are here to assist you in ensuring your business continuity by protecting these key persons as they are not easily replaceable (with the RIGHT person).

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Succession Planning

Estate or succession planning is a part of family office.

Building a business can be challenging and exciting at the same time. We understand that. We are here to assist you manage your business continuity and ownership.

This is also applicable to partnerships, we are able to help avoid conflicts with the other partners' family members through preventing their interference in the business, with a proper planning on the exit routes.

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Talent Retention

Maximise your company’s tax savings and accumulation of retirement fund for your directors and key employees.

Employees want to feel important and be respected. You give them the satisfaction that they are key members to the business.

It's important to make sure these people stay with you for long term. Engage us to craft attractive employees benefits.

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